FamilyMart is the 2nd largest convenience store retail chain in the world. Established in 1973, FamilyMart is the first Japanese-owned convenience store chain to go global and currently operates over 18,000 stores in Asia, including the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia. The name "FamilyMart" signifies the familial relationship that values support and growth among its customers, employees and stakeholders. Having pioneered the "convenience industry", FamilyMart is committed to offering quality service and merchandise that suit the everyday lifestyle needs of its customers, in accordance with its focus on a fresh and fun experience for its customers.

In the Philippines, FamilyMart is operated by Philippine FamilyMart CVS, Inc. - recently acquired by Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc., the leading independent oil company in the Philippines, engaged in the trading and marketing of refined petroleum products, including LPG, and lubricants, operation of oil depots and storage facilities, hauling and into-plane services. From opening its first store in the country in 2013, FamilyMart has grown to 65 stores spread across strategic locations in Mega Manila, and is set to open more doors in other key areas. Armed with the vision of providing everyday essentials suited to the lifestyle of its customers, FamilyMart aims to make quality accessible to all, and provide a whole new convenience store shopping experience, especially to the Millennial middle and working class.


We are a dynamic, service-oriented group of people whose mission is to provide our valued customers with fresh and high quality merchandise, as well as other value-added services, to suit their everyday lifestyles, needs and wants. We provide convenient, fast and quick service in an easy-to-shop environment to address the fast-paced lifestyle of our customers. By virtue of our store locations, FamilyMart aims to build relationships with our market so that we can become an integral part of the communities that we serve. At FamilyMart, our customers are part of our growing family.

Internally, we provide a dynamic workplace, promoting professional growth and fulfillment for our employees, while building shareholder value through fair and reasonable business practices. We are a responsible corporate citizen acting with integrity, prudence, and show a genuine concern for the communities we serve, as well as our employees.


We are here to consistently provide our valued customers fresh and high quality merchandise through fast and friendly service in a safe, clean and attractive environment.

We provide a dynamic workplace promoting professional growth and fulfillment for our employees.

We build shareholder value through fair and reasonable business practices.

We are a responsible corporate citizen acting with integrity, prudence and genuine concern for the communities we serve.


To become an ESSENTIAL part of people's everyday lives by being the MOST PREFERRED convenience store in the country where everyone is treated as part of our FAMILY.

Corporate Values

Excellence and Quality
High standards, excellence in everything we do,
"hindi pwede ang pwede na"
Spirit of Family and Fun
Working, growing and winning together
Sense of Urgency
Proactivity, initiative, act with results now

Sense of ownership, passion for excellence,
Doing the right things even if
nobody is watching
ALways respectful
High regard for individuality, contribution
and importance of each person

What our brand stands for

Familial, Fast, and Friendly Service

We treat each customer as part of the family. We give them
the utmost attention, courtesy, and care that they deserve.
Affordable Quality

Our quality standards are never compromised, but we
always ensure that our products are within the budget
expectation of our customers.
Market-Driven Assortment

We endeavor to be the best in providing an efficient range
of products that are relatable and best fit the everyday
lifestyle needs of our customers.
Innovative Store Design

We will always set the trend and define the latest and most
cost-efficient store design. We will be known as the "Game Changer"
in Store Look & Feel Concepts in all markets that we serve.
Localized Store Marketing

Our priority is to activate & engage our customers at the
local store level to ensure loyalty and patronage
of our stores.
Youthful Disposition

We will be the most effective in communicating to the tech-savvy
Millennials in all channels: in-store, digital media, etc... because we
understand best their language and the media they use. Our brand
communication is young, hip, cool, and relevant to our customers.


FamilyMart has established its niche for high quality in terms of products, customer service, and overall experience, and is known for its wide variety, carefully selected Japanese food items and ready-to-eat meals. Its trademark design, service standards, café-like interiors and restrooms have made FamilyMart a favorite among those looking for a quick bite within a safe, clean, and attractive environment.

A popular favorite of many is the signature Twirl All-You-Can soft serve ice cream in unique and delicious flavors. Fresh Japanese selections including sushi, onigiri, and ramen have also become main staples of its food assortment. Other palate pleasers include a FamilyMart Collection label that consists of snacks and a newly launched bread line.


FamilyMart's expansion plan utilizes the franchising model. In partnership with its Franchisors, the company is able to increase its reach and expand its network, while providing its owners a unique business opportunity. This long-term partnership permits an individual to benefit from the collective power and growth of the franchise network, which in turn, leads to greater name recognition and competitive advantages for each individual franchisee, and the Company at large. Moving forward, FamilyMart aims to have a majority of its stores, approximately 80%, franchised out.

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