What's Snappening?

The SNAP Loyalty Program

1. What is the Snap Loyalty Program?

The SNAP Loyalty Program is Philippine FamilyMart's very own loyalty program that rewards frequent shoppers through treats, promotions, special discounts, and other privileges. The term “Snap” is used to describe each point that the customer earns with every peso spent in our stores. This means, the more the customer shops, the more Snaps he/she will earn, the bigger the savings, treat or reward.

2. Joining is easy!

  • Customer must be at least 18 years of age
  • To get a Snap Card:
    • Pay a minimal fee of P10
    • Register the card using the in-store tablet to activate it.
  • Once registered in the program, the Snap card will then be ready to use, so start purchasing and snapping away!
    • Earned snaps will be credited and reflected in cardholder's account at least ONE (1) day after the transaction was made

3. Start Snapping Away!


Earning Snaps is easy. Simply present the Snap Card to the cashier prior to the processing of any transaction. All cash, credit card and debit card purchases earn snaps. However, purchases made with FamilyMart Gift with FamilyMart Gift Certificates do not earn snaps.

After paying for your transaction, proceed to the in-store Snap Tablet and open the Snap App. Scan the QR code on the receipt to earn snaps from your transaction. Receipts can only earn points on the day the purchase was made.

No SNAP card/App = No snaps

Now, your every peso counts! In FamilyMart, the more you buy, the more you earn, so the bigger the savings you get!

4. Snap Conversion

Every P1.00 = 1 SNAP

To keep things simple, all purchases are rounded down to the nearest peso when calculating for snaps.

For example: P170.25 = 170 snaps P205.75 = 205 snaps

5. The Snap Rewards Program

Accumulate as many snaps as you can and convert them to these favorite FamilyMart treats!



Snap Requirement


1000 Snaps

Any Donut

1,500 Snaps

Regular Bola-Bola or Asado Siopao

1,500 Snaps

Superfreeze 12 oz. Calamansi Zing or Hershey's Dark Chocolate

2,000 Snaps

Hungarian Sausage Sandwich

2,500 Snaps

1 pc. Fried Chicken with Rice Meai

3,000 Snaps

4pcs. Chicken Nuggets with Rice Meai

3,000 Snaps

FamilyMart's Limited Edition Mug

3,500 Snaps

FamilyMart's Limited Edition Tumbler

7,000 Snaps

FamilyMart's Limited Edition Umbrella

10,000 Snaps

*Note: Rewards can change without prior notice.

6. Other Perks and Benefits

  • Customers may also earn extra snaps from purchases of specially marked products in FamilyMart through the What's Snappening Program or Supplier promotions.
  • Over and above regular treats, Snap Members are also entitled to additional privileges such as exclusive discounts/offers, invitations to special events, direct Marketing programs and more!
  • Special Snap Milestones
    • Enjoy turning a year older! Snap members get bonus snaps on their birthday! Remember, your account must remain active at least 6 months prior to these dates to avail of the birthday bonus points.

7. Keeping Tabs on Your Snaps

Here are several ways to keep track of your snaps:

8. Snap Expiration

Your SNAP membership has no expiry. So once a member, always a member!

However, your unused, un-redeemed Snaps are valid for a period of one year. Unredeemed snaps will automatically be forfeited every March 31st of the succeeding year and will be removed from member's account.

9. In case of lost or damaged cards:

We will gladly replace lost or damaged cards anytime!